Griffin Naruhodo Part 11 Final

Read part 10 here ~Obachuka

“Mr. Mone! I am officially accusing you!” he shouted. The chilly wind returned, and we all stood cold and rooted to our spots.

Suddenly, Yee threw his hands up. “Why would I rob my own bank?!” he wailed.

“Oh, I’m not accusing you of theft. I’m accusing you of murder! You see, the whole robbery was created to make a convenient alibi for you. Here’s what I think happened,” Griffin said as he paced about the room, his eyes bright with excitement.

“I found this in a drawer,” Griffin held up a red card, the card of a mafia group. “You criminals really ought to stop using calling cards. It may be cool, but you’re going to get caught. Just like now.” Yee’s face paled drastically at these words.

“Now, you and the smugglers have been at each other’s throats for a long time. You’ve been causing a great deal of trouble for innocent civilians. One of your higher ups told you to murder Trid Por, a woman in the smuggling ring. I bet you don’t even know the reason yourself why you were to kill her, just that you had to, else there might have been repercussions for you. You knew Trid Por had money issues, so you called her over to your bank, under the guise of discussing loans. You guys close at 7:00 PM, so you must have called her afterwards, so that you two would be alone.”

Griffin walked over to the vault and peered inside. “You pushed Trid inside, and she left her fingerprints in the vault at that time. You guys had your vault recently cleaned, so there were no other fingerprints, not even yours, Yee. Then, you dropped a poisonous capsule. This particular poison is a gas, and actually inactivates and turns to soot after three hours. The robbery took place at 1:00 AM, and since you couldn’t open the vault until three hours after the poison was activated, that puts Ms. Trid Por’s time of death between seven and ten.”

Yee contorted his pale face into a snarl and shouted, “You can’t prove that I killed her!”

Griffin laughed. “There’s soot all over the vault, my dear. Detective Leo, I’m sure that somewhere in this area, you can find more of the poisonous capsules. A mafia member must keep a weapon handy. Also, the security video files from yesterday were deleted, under the pretense that the security ran out of memory. A shoddy security system if its memory runs out in one day. I did a check on the files, and I can confirm they were deleted manually.”

“Next, at 1:00 AM you dressed up in black as a thief, along with gloves. You retrieved Trid’s body and dressed her similarly, then duct taped a bag of money to her hand. Then, you turned the security camera back on, and supporting her weight, walked out of the bank, mimicking two thieves.”

I guffawed at Yee. “You duct taped money to her hands? What a fool!” I mocked him. I couldn’t resist, I mean, his plan was just so ludicrous.

Yee glared at me, and I could see his desire to kill in his eyes. “I did no such thing. You cops are all the same. Vile, corrupted, disgusting liars set to ruin innocent civilians.”

“If you looked at the security video before knowing one of the criminals was dead, it just looks like they had a limp. Now that we know the truth, she’s obviously dead. However, Bob was outside the bank, and he saw you. Clever little you, you knocked him out, and put his fingerprints on your gun. You got into Trid’s white van, then drove a bit away to a park. You left the car, opened the passenger door where Trid sat, and moved her body to the driver’s seat. You then shot her in the head, and created a new, fake crime scene. A banker would never rob his own bank. By moving the scene of the murder away from your bank, you created an alibi for yourself. You threw a large stone on the gas pedal, and returned to the bank. Lucky for you, someone was almost framed due to an unfortunate picture.”

The room was silent save for Yee’s heavy breathing. He looked like an entirely different person now. Hate was written all over his face, as he glared at all of us, sweating in his purple suit. “You…” he said menacingly with about two tons of anger and gnashed his teeth loudly. “You! You can’t prove anything!”

Griffin strode over to Leo and took the handgun. “Yee, catch,” he said, and tossed the weapon at Yee. I deeply hope that wasn’t loaded… Yee fumbled with the gun, then dropped it to the ground. “ARGH!” he cried, and grabbed his arm, panting with pain.

Griffin quickly retrieved the gun. “A .45 caliber handgun. Very strong. I don’t know where you got it, but for someone untrained like yourself, its recoil is powerful enough to dislocate arms.”

Bob suddenly spoke up and pointed at Yee. “That scream! I recognize it! It was him! He knocked me out!”

“I really wish you could have said so earlier,” I commented.

“I-I…AARRGH! Lies! All of it! I can’t believe the legal system, it’s in shambles, corruption everywhere!” Yee screamed.

“I’d hate to butt in, but I’ve got some results,” Leo said, returning from his short venture. “Turns out there’s a small compartment at the back of this bank. I couldn’t find any poison, but there was matching residue. No doubt about it, there was poison here in this bank at some point.”

Yee’s face turned the same color as his suit. “NOOOOOOOOOO!” he erupted. His eyes bulged, and pulled desperately at his tie.

Griffin laughed. “Arrest him. We’re done here.”

My blue suited men rushed up to Yee Mone, and handcuffed the criminal, who struggled pathetically and got sweat all over our new handcuffs. Criminals, despicable things. My men pushed Yee into a police car as he howled not quite like a monkey, but more like a…criminal, for lack of a better word.

“Amazing, Mr. Naruhodo,” I said to my partner. I held out my hand, and he took it. “I look forward to working with you.”

“As do I.”

“I have to wonder though, where did the poison capsules go? He couldn’t have used them all on one person? And if he had a gun, why didn’t he just shoot Trid Por?” I asked.

Griffin shrugged and said, “That’s a mystery for another day. In like, an alternate dimension. That hardly matters, and we already apprehended the culprit. Case closed.”


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