That Drill Tickles

Steingard held up his power drill, and tested out the switch a few times. The drill bit whirred and spun delightfully fast, putting a grin on Steingard’s face. He turned to his victim, who was chained down onto a blood-stained table.

“Now. If you don’t tsell me vat I vant tsu knooow, you might find yourself sporting… unvanted holes,” Steingard threatened.

The victim started chuckling to himself.

“Vat. Vat is so funny?!” Steingard roared, pointing the drill in the victim’s face.

“It…” the victim managed to say between bursts of laughter, “It tickles!”

“I haven’t even tsouched you yet!” Steingard exclaimed.

“I know. But the anticipation is tickling me.”

Steingard frowned, and sped up his drill.

The victim yawned. “So uh, when do I get to leave? It’s getting kind of boring. Hey you know what? You have a pretty funny accent. Do you want come over to dinner with me and a couple of friends tomorrow? It’ll be fun.”

“Sure,” Steingard said. “I vill bring flowers for you.”

The victim’s eyes lit up with excitement. “Oooh, what kind?”

Steingard put a finger to his lips, and smiled. “Oh zat’s secret~”

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