So earlier this night, some neighbors were playing with fireworks right? Tomorrow is the Fourth of July after all. Although to be honest,  I thought fireworks were supposed to happen on July 4th, not the night before.

Whatever. So anyways they lit a couple of fireworks and managed to burn half of the neighborhood down. One firework launched into the sky, and hit a bird!

The poor bird exploded into a smoke of feathers and organs. And from the smoke appeared a ghost.

“I am the bird spirit,” it said. “By infusing me with the energy of freedom, capitalism, and democracy, I’ve gained a new form. Bow down before me, for I am now all-powerful!”

“Omnipotent would have been a cooler word to use,” a black-haired man with thick glasses said, one of my neighbors.

“Silence!” the bird spirit shrieked, and the man burst into flames with the sound singing songbirds in the background.

“If we gave you the form of the bird spirit, do we get three wishes?” another neighbor asked. I briefly wondered why he didn’t bluff and ask for five wishes. Or ten wishes, though that might be pushing it.

The bird spirit pondered for a moment, then said in an echoey voice, “Very well! Three wishes! And that is all.”

“I wish our homes returned to their pre-burning state,” I blurted out.

“Done!” the bird spirit said. It sounded like the bird spirit clapped three times, but I don’t know how that’s possible, since birds don’t have hands. Neither do spirits come to think of it. They just have those invisi-hands.

“What are your other two wishes?” the bird spirit asked.

I’m totally not feeling creative, and I can’t come up with more wishes. So! Hey audience, if you want to, comment on this post on what wish you want! Also, this story is mostly true, including the bird spirit part, you have to believe me ~Obachuka


Feel free to reply. But I won't read cuz I'm shy. Unless it's haiku.

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