What I’ve Been Up 2

So yesterday I went aboard the mothership again. This time I brought a cat.

Now I could talk about what I do on my internship…but it’s kind of boring. I basically follow this mechanic’s order, helping him out whenever he demands it. It’s usually pretty simple work, I get to see some cool machinery but I never know what it does or how it works. I get paid minimal wage, in dollars, but I think it’s counterfeit. I guess extraterrestrials don’t know counterfeit is illegal.

Anyway, about the cat, a bunch of residents on the space vessel adore the cat. They’re very intrigued by the cat and I guess its anatomy too. Surprisingly few find the cat “cute” but an overwhelming majority just find the cat interesting in it’s¬†behavior. The cat scratched at someone, but other than that one person, no one is afraid of the cat. Those that aren’t interested in the cat are just indifferent.

That is, they were indifferent before the cat became accustomed to no gravity. After that, the flying feline was all the rage on the ship, as it ninja hopped across the ship meowing and stealing food.


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