The Creation of Balloon Tournament

“Mommy mommy!” the little girl cried, joy dancing in her blue eyes. She pointed at the man selling balloons and jumped with anticipation, her brown pigtails bouncing with her. “Can we each get a balloon?” she asked.

The mother, who was holding hands with her son, giggled. “Of course you can Sarah.” She let go of her son, Cedric, to reach for her wallet.

The brother and sister shouted with glee and ran towards the man. The man handed a red balloon to to Sarah, and a blue one to Cedric, as their mother paid the man.

Cedric grabbed the balloon string with his tiny hands, and stared up at the transparent blue material, floating casually above him. It bobbed up down down as Cedric moved his hand, and it sometimes eclipsed the sun, and the balloon would glow a bright blue. He didn’t understand why it flew, but he liked it. Normally, balloons would run out of magic and fall to the ground after a few days, but when Sarah and Cedric played with balloons they didn’t last too long.

Sarah tied her red balloon to her wrist, then did the same for Cedric. “Hold still Cedric!” she said as she tied the balloon to her younger brother. “There!”

The mother sat down on a park bench, and watched with a smile on her face as her children played with the balloons. It was their favorite game. They would each try to touch the other’s balloon, without letting the other touch theirs. It was a challenging game since the balloon would follow its owner’s hand.

“Children are so easily amused,” the mother told herself, as she watched her beloved children jump back and forth at each other. They squealed and giggled and ran throughout the park, playing their balloon game.



Now, Balloon Tournament is an international sport enjoyed by many around the world. Participants, usually giant, muscular men would get locked into an iron room 30 by 30 feet, and the players would do battle, trying to pop opponents’ balloons. They would carry weapons such as small needles or pointy sticks in attempts to pop the balloons. Sometimes, players would dress balloons in armor to protect their chance to win the championship and claim a million dollars.

Serious injury frequently occur.


5 thoughts on “The Creation of Balloon Tournament

      1. They are allowed, but for it to be a fair match, the opponent will have to be prepared with an equally overpowered weapon such as another pop culture reference or a really funny joke.
        A joke so funny, it’s side-splitting; or you could even say balloon-splitting.

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