Hats. Hats Everywhere.

The captain adjusted his visor to block the glare of the sun. Tam, his right hand man, stood on his left, surveying the sea. Topper, his left hand man, stood on his right, surveying their boat.

It was a strange boat. Actually, it wasn’t a boat. It was a hard hat, like those found at a construction site, except much larger. The insides of the hat were surprisingly comfortable, since there were soft cushions lining the inside.

“Cap’n!” Tam cried, pointing at the edge of the sea. A strange, black wall rose above the crashing waves far far off in the distance.

“By golly, it’s the brim of a top hat,” the captain said. Indeed, the three men were stuck in a giant, upside-down top hat filled to the brim with sea water. “Get rowing boys! We’ll soon be home!”

Tam and Topper pulled off their baseball caps and started rowing with them. Baseball caps didn’t make for very good oars, and progress was painfully slow. Waves rolled against the large, yellow helmet as the crew struggled for escape.

The sun scorched down on the men. Tam complained, “Ugh I wish I had one of those safari hats to shield me from the sun.”

“I wish I never see another hat again,” Topper replied.

Suddenly, from the depths of the sea, a hat-shark! It was the last hat they ever saw.

Bad end:
The shark ate them.

Good end (if you collected all of the hidden puzzle pieces):
Hats ceased to exist everywhere. The baseball caps returned to their original form of rowing oars, and the helmet changed back into a sailboat. The giant top hat transformed into land. It was although hats never existed. No one knew what a hat was.

Credits roll.

Epilogue setup for a sequel:
Somewhere, sailors in a giant tofu box try to escape with oars made of tofu, in a tofu sea.


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