Here’s something interesting that happened to me today.

The skyscrapers lined the streets I walked along. Civillians everywhere walked on the sidewalks. I was just strolling around, enjoying the city, when one man came up to me.

He asked, “Hey, want to play Kangaroo?” An awesome beard decorated his face, so I figured he must be respectable enough to listen to.

“What’s that?” I asked in response.

“Here, I’ll show you,” the man said. He knelt down, his dirty brown beard touching the concrete, the leapt up up and up. He jumped over the nearest skyscraper and disappeared from my sights.

As I watched the man vanish, his beard trailing in the wind, I realized something. And it hit me hard.

He was my target.

I gulped. Oh man, the boss will not be happy that I let him get away. Not happy with me at all.

With a whoosh, the my target dropped down in front of me.

“Your turn,” he said.


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