“B-3. B-3.”

“Eh? What’s that sonny boy? Speak up!” the elderly shouted.

The adolescent at the front of the sterile room sighed, and shouted “B-3!”

“Is that B-3 or G-3?” someone asked.

“I said three didn’t I?! Use your logic, if I said three, could it be G?” the boy said. It made perfect sense to him.

Another person cried out, “Use it in a word!”

The boy fingered the red piece of plastic, feeling the characters “B-3” formed out in white bumps. He thought for a moment, then came up with a word. “B-3, B as in Bingo.”

After a moment of silence, the boy rolled the wheel, and the bingo pieces clattered against one another. He drew one and read out loud, “G-42! G-42!”

“Use it in a word!”

This time, the boy had a word ready. “G-42, G as in binGo.”


Feel free to reply. But I won't read cuz I'm shy. Unless it's haiku.

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