Blue Thing

Today while in the passenger seat of the car, I saw something blue out the window. It was circular in shape, and moved slow and steady pace near some bushes.

I blinked. Was it just some piece of garbage being pushed by the wind? That couldn’t have been it, there was wind. And the blue thing moved with too much purpose to be just a plain object.

A strange pattern decorated the blue thing, and it oddly reminded me of a shell. In fact, it looked exactly like a tortoise’s shell, other than the fact that it was blue. And because it looked so much like a tortoise’s shell, I briefly thought it was a tortoise. But that couldn’t be right.

Because I could have sworn the blue shell was…floating. Sure enough, the blue shell moved without touching the ground, and as far as I know, tortoises can’t fly. So what could it have been?

Before I could get another good luck however, our car passed it, and the blue shell disappeared from sight just a few seconds after I saw it. But its image haunted my mind, what in the world was it?

Suddenly, with a strange crackling pop, the blue shell teleported and appeared right in front of my window. It came to me, clearly flying and burning with saphire flames on its intricately detailed shell. The ethereal being hovered for a few minutes, humming a high pitched song with no melody, then slowly turned transparent until it could no longer be seen save for small glowing red sparkles where the blue shell once was. And in that moment, I finally figured out what it was.


Yeah, my first guess was right, it was just a piece of garbage blowing in the wind.


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