It’s Hard to be Psychic

I’m trying to read your mind right now, but it’s really hard. Especially through the internet. But if I had to guess what you were thinking about, are you reading these words with your inner monologue?

Because if you’re not, that’s pretty cool, try speed reading.


2 thoughts on “It’s Hard to be Psychic

  1. Oh so my mom was watching this tv show and it was about ghost stories or something lol. and there was this one ghost story about this woman and her daughter and they were driving home from a long way on the freeway at night time. and on the side of the rode the daughter saw this sitting on the side of the rode. and so she convinced her mom to turn around and go and see the girl. and they saw the girl, but they couldn’t just sotp cuz they were on the free way, so they passed her again, and turned around to pick her up or something, but she wasnt there!1 whoa. so then like 30m later they saw her AGAIN. and it was liek totally impossible for her to be that far down the rode because they were driving at like 70MPH or something. So anyway, they stopped this time, and parked the car and were trying to call out to her to see if she needed any help, and she turned around and she had NO FACE. her face was blown out by a gun or something. so yea. thats it. lol

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