Don’t Cry

“Don’t cry dear,” the mother seal snuggled her child. “Everything will be all right.”

The baby seal hugged her mother and cried.

Sonofaseal, mother seal thought to herself, told him not to cry. She held her baby tighter. “What’s wrong darling? Are you said because I killed you best friend Finny the Fish? You know we have to eat dear, it’s the circle of life. If I were to give some motherly advice, I’d tell you not make friends with animals we eat.”

The baby seal sobbed. “No mama, I’m worried about the US debt crisis. It’s almost 15 trillion dollars! That’s a lot of money isn’t it?”

“It’s okay baby dear,” mother seal said. “The government is run by robots. Now eat your dinner~” Mother seal nudged the remains of Finny the Fish towards her son.


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