Clarifying Creature

I groped around in the darkness, trying to feel my around. The concrete wall felt cold and rough to the touch. Suddenly, I felt something soft and hairy.

I yelped and leapt backwards, then brought my hands to my face and muffled my yelp.

Something slithered in the darkness, and claws scratched the concrete walls. The beast rumbled lowly. “Who’s there?” it asked groggily.

“Mmmmmmm!” I mumbled through my hands. I moved my feet slowly backwards, but that just attracted the beast’s attention.

“Man, what did you say?” the beast asked. It yawned, and if I could see it, it was probably rubbing its eyes by the sound.

I kept walking backwards, hoping to get as much distance from the beast as much as possible. My heart throbbed in my throat (metaphorically of course) as the thumping of paws hitting concrete grew louder and louder.

“Huh? Come again?”

Suddenly, my back hit a wall. A jolt shocked my body, and my arms snapped open. My mouth opened wide and I let loose a girlish scream. “WHAAAAT?!”

The beast paused. “What?”

I cleared my throat. “Um sorry, I was asking what you said.”

The beast replied in a glorious voice. “I wanted to know what you said.”

“Oh. I was just saying stuff about how scared I was,” I replied.

“It sounded more like muffled screaming to me…” the creature said.

“I guess that’s because I was…”

The monster roared and saliva hit my face. Now I remember. I’m scared.

“Then why didn’t you say so?!” it cried out.

I winced and attempted to mutter an apology.

“You got to speak louder boy! And annunciate! Say it with me. Annunciation,” the beast spoke with a staccato voice.

“Annunciation,” I repeated.

“No! Uh nunn tsi ay shun.”

“Annuncitoein” I mumbled.

The creature roared, “Nevermind, just forget it! Just scram before I eat you!”

I ran away with a tear in my eye. I thought we were friends.


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