Pumpkin Festival

So today I went to a game jam. That’s right. I’m telling a true story. “But wait,” you say. “You always say that. And it’s never true!”

Well guess what. True story. Now.

We basically make a game in eight hours. We have to choose from three words: stare, fade, and shop. We made our game game about stare and fade.

If you stare at the ghosts, they fade and you can walk through them.

Yeah, didn’t happen. We just had an avoid-the-ghost game. Except the ghost(s) were huge and covered a third of the screen. Hilariously bad. It was written in C#, and I have no clue how to share our terrible game, sry.

On the bright side, my teammates were in my piano circle of friends, and we hogged the piano room for eight hours.


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