The Hunt For The Switch

“Professor!” a young male archaeologist with sunscreen rubbed all over his face called for Professor Daniel.

“Yes Edwards?” the professor asked, striding over to Edwards. Professor Daniel’s old but bright blue eyes followed the young man’s finger pointed at the ground. Buried in the dirt was a large piece of glass. Daniel knelt down and touched the cold, smooth surface which was periodically roughened with sand. It looked entirely flat, but it felt curved, just with a large radius of curvature. It probably extended as a sphere much further into the ground.

Over the next few weeks, Professor Daniel’s team of student archaeologist excavated the glass structure. It was a light bulb. A giant light bulb with a radius of at least seventy yards. Its transparent structure revealed a single, looped wire large enough to tie a tank down. The metal base of the light bulb reached into the ground, and looked as thought it were screwed into the ground.

“A beauty,” Professor Daniel marveled as he bristled his bushy mustache. “Earth’s primary light bulb.”

“What now?” Edwards eagerly asked his professor.

The professor removed his safari hat, fiddled with it, then put it back on his head. He spoke with authoritative voice broken with excitement. “Now, Edwards, we search for the switch.”


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