This is a follow-up to the previous post, The Hunt For The Switch ~Obachuka

It was an arduous task, but they finally found the switch after five months of searching. Some lucky worker found a stone lever jutting out of the shore 60 kilometers from where the giant light bulb rested in the jungle. It must have been uncovered by the typhoon that passed only three weeks prior.

The lucky worker was briefly celebrated, but was soon forgotten after he was placed back to excavate with the rest of his peers. They worked ten hours a day, digging and digging. Professor Daniel watched his men work while he nervously twiddled with his cane. Sometimes, he would pick up a shovel and help dig if his back allowed. But most of the time, Daniel just over saw the progress.

The day finally arrived when the switch was fully exposed. It was an odd device. The hole Daniel’s team excavated ran 40 meters deep, and ran in a full circle with radius of over a 100 meters. An awkward lever rose from the very bottom and reached well over 20 meters when the lever was pulled upright.

“Strange thing, isn’t it?” Daniel mused.

“Sure is,” Edwards immediately said back, his back unusually straight. “It’s not what I expected at all.”

While the giant light bulb looked modern with its perfect shape, its clean glass, and efficient build, the giant switch was a juxtaposition between new and old. The was composed entirely of old, dank smelling dark wood, but where the wood began to rot, iron and steel platings reinforced the build. They stuck out, and while some of them were rusty and loose, others were shiny and bright. The base of the switch consisted of only concrete, which would have looked like it just dried recently if it weren’t for the presence of a single, giant crack with mushrooms and mold growing in it. A tiny bit of the insides of the machine could be seen through gaps in the switch. Rusty gears, glittering springs, and strange black dust lined the insides.

“Well!” Professor Daniel clapped his hands together. “Has everything been recorded?”

Edwards glanced at his clipboard. “Yessir. Pictures and measurements have been taken. Every aspect of the switch has been thoroughly examined and sampled. The black dust is currently being examined in the labs.”

Professor Daniel laughed and clapped Edwards on the back, who stumbled a bit. “Well then! Throw the switch.”


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