Life Of a Leaf

A gust of wind rustled the leaves on the tree, and one broke off. It was a young leaf, full of curiosity and wonderment for the world.

As the leaf fluttered down to the ground, it took full notice of the breezy air full of the sweet aroma of flowers, and the laughter of children playing catch with each other.

With a quiet plop, the leaf fell into a small stream on the concrete road, the cool water flowing along the leaf’s ridges. The stream led down into a sewer, and the leaf dropped into darkness.

The sewers reminded the leaf of the night, but there was no moon to ease the dank smell of the sewers. The water felt unnaturally cold, and the currents swept the leaf along. Emboldened by danger and adventure, the leaf floated onwards.

Suddenly, the water changed directions, and the current rushed the the leaf towards a dim light in the distance. The movement stopped, and the leaf found itself spinning in circles in a tight, dark cylinder.

Muffled noises bubbled up through the water. Voices.

“…I’ve got you now…any last words before…”

A loud shout burst out, “I’LL NEVER GIVE UP CRIMINAL SCUM!”

“Are you sure? Because this machine here…and it runs completely on…plus, it can…”


“Well…my machine isn’t…nevermind…you’ll regret this…”

The leaf heard the turning of cranks and valves as the metal parts ground against each other. The water level in the metal cylinder fell, then rapidly sucked the leaf into a whirlpool.

Only after a few moments of falling, the leaf hit a grating. The entire contraption squealed and groaned, and the leaf heard the two voices shouting, as well as the sound of a fist hitting a face.

“Ha! Fiend! Looks your machine backfired!” a man shouted.

All in a day’s work, the leaf thought, and rested there alone but satisfied in the dark gutter until it will one day rot away.


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