Death Of a Leaf

Alternate ending to Life Of a Leaf:

A hand plunged into the water and pulled the leaf out. It felt wonderful to be out of the water, in the calm and brightly lit air.

“Ha! Fiend! Looks like a single leaf foiled your machine!” a broad shouldered man shouted, who for some reason wore broken handcuffs. He held the leaf up proudly in his hands.

“What?! Impossible, no leaf can withstand that much pressure!” exclaimed a man who looked like a stereotypical mad scientist. Except with his face punched in.

All in a day’s work, the leaf thought to itself.

“You must be a super leaf! From now on, I’ll let you be my sidekick!” the man without the punched face said.

Pshaw, I’ll let you be my sidekick, the leaf thought. And henceforth the world saw two new heros born into the world: the fantastic duo of Leaf and That-Sidekick-No-One-Remembers.


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