Tragedy of Marley

A fire broke out in the building. Flames roared as smoke and heat crept towards Marley through the collapsing hallway. But she didn’t do anything. She just stared. She could have helped too. But she didn’t.

No, Marley wasn’t some girl trapped in that doomed building. She was a fire extinguisher. She could have helped, but instead she just listened to the cries of trapped people shouting for rescue. She could have helped, but she knew that if she extinguished the fire, she would be empty on the inside. Literally. And because she didn’t help, the fire raged on and grew in size.

And when the fire burned down the hallway, Marley fell from her perch and rolled away. She rolled away from her fate, her responsibilities, and towards her freedom.

She saw an approaching fire truck, rushing towards the burning building.

“Hey, where are you going?” the fire truck asked.

“To freedom!” Marley exclaimed in eager excitement.

Firemen jumped out of the truck and dispersed towards the building. One of them spotted Marley and ran towards her.

In a burst of fear, Marley rolled away from the fireman, rolled down the hill, rolled away from her duties, rolled towards the street.

“Watch out!” a speeding car shouted. With a loud bang, Marley burst opened, sending her guts into the fire. She would have saved the day, if she had helped earlier. But the fire was too big now, and her life went to waste, her scrap metal lying on the streets.


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