Psean the Somewhat Psychic Butterfly

Psean burst from the chrysalis, free at last! He raised his heavy wings to prepare him for flight. But something slowed down his movements… His wings were still wet!

That’s fine, Psean thought to himself. I’ll just float myself away with my telekinesis. Psean tensed his antennas  and concentrated. A few moments passed.

Horror squashed Psean like giraffe’s hoof as it dawned on him that he lost his psychic powers.

Nooooo, Psean thought. I loved being able to hover around and move objects on whim! How will I ever get by in this cruel world without some supernatural prowess? Oh if he knew that transforming into a butterfly would cause him to lose his gifts, he would have stayed hidden in his cocoon. Who knew being beautiful would come with such costs?

Nearby, his friends emerged from their chrysalises. They touched antennas, communicating with each other.

Hmmm…Psean thought. Maybe…he still had his telepathic powers? He reached out with his minds, towards his comrades…

“Yo! Psean!” his friend George said into his mind. “Thanks for protecting us from predators with your PSI shield. We really appreciate bro.”

Psean froze. How could he tell his friends that he lost his powers? He began walking quickly at the fast rate of a few inches per minute.

Chie fluttered up right next to him. “Where you going?”

“Why do you care?!” Psean snapped.

“Because I like you,” Chie snuggled up close to Psean. “No one else talks to me the way you do.”

“Uh… maybe because I’m the only one that talks with telepathy?” Psean replied.

“Oh right. That.”

The branches they were standing on rumbled. Something large was approaching. A human dressed in tacky clothes. Hm, maybe he could…

Psean spoke into the human’s mind, with a low, commanding voice. “Hello human.” Psean had a plan. He would communicate with this human, and through careful manipulation expand his influence to other people. He would hide his identity, and make himself know as “The Voice,” an omniscient being with an incorporeal form. Soon, he would dominate the world.

The human looked around, surprised. “Who’s there?” he asked outloud.

“What is your name? And I will tell you mine,” Psean boomed into his mind. He felt excited with his plans. He didn’t have to be a butterfly with no telekinesis. He was a butterfly with ambitions.

“Bjohn!” the man cried out. “Now tell me who you are!”

Psean laughed a glorious laugh. “Ha. Ha. Ha… It’s wonderful to meet you Bjohn. I…I am know as…The Voice…” His words echoed and sounded heavenly.

“Oh another telepathic butterfly,” Bjohn said and quickly walked away.

Psean felt his dreams shatter and deflate. Oh…

Chie giggled. “Don’t worry I like the way you are.”


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