Detention Again

I’m stuck in Saturday detention. Sucks. All I did was shoot a rubber band off.

And accidentally hitting our Glorious Leader and Savior.

“Hey!” I banged on the steel bars, the cold metal meeting my fist. “I’m hungry.”

The guard glared at me, as though trying to sear me in half with his eyes alone. He wore those orange bulletproof vests that kind of looked like a fat life vest, the ones that have become so popular in our Holy Army.

“Prisoners don’t get to eat until they’ve atoned for their sins,” he said, turning away from me.

I sighed. They always responded the same. Sucks. I sat down, resting against the concrete walls of my cell. I didn’t even know my middle school had these rooms. A noose hung down from the center, slightly swaying due to the weakly constructed roof. Other than the noose, nothing else of interest kept me company in my detention cell suite.

“Hey,” I said trying to get the guard’s attention again. I gestured towards the noose. “The swing set is broken.”

“That’s to hang yourself with,” the guard responded curtly. “It’s the only way you can redeem yourself.”

Oh. So that’s why I didn’t see Kevin in class yesterday. Sucks. Serves him right for stealing my lunch money. My stomach growled.

“Principal Logan is the worst,” I complained.

The guard stamped his feet and threw himself at the bars, his face contorted in rage.

His sudden motion caught me by surprise, and I jumped back and banged my head against the hard wall.

“You do not speak of our Supreme One with such disrespect!” he snarled at me. “You’ll never find redemption, not even in hell!”

“But will I find lunch there?” I asked.

The guard raised his rifle at me. My shaking hands tried to grip onto something but only felt the cold wall.

“Eat lead.” The guard squinted down the sights of his rifle. I stared at the barrel, pointed so straightly at my beautiful face. But I mean, I was pretty hungry. I was willing to eat anything.

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

It tasted like cherry Jell-O. Sucks. I hate cherry.


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