So Majestic

I peeked around the corner of the brick building, holding my breath to make absolute sure I made no noise.

A hairy bear creature paced the streets on its hind legs like a human. Each step it took seemed painful as it strained to lift its legs up, and shuddered as it planted its feet down. It breathed in as though it were about to start shouting, and it’s form seemed to grow to twice its original size. Then it breathed out in the slowest possible manner. It stepped out of the lamp post and into darkness before I could see its head.

I returned to my cover and took a breath as slowly as I could. I’m worried my pounding heartbeat will give away my position.


I shuddered. That voice. It was MY voice. But was the beast speaking? I started walking away; I had to get away from there.

Something tapped my right shoulder.

I screamed, and spun to the right. I couldn’t see anything in the darkness.

“Ha, got you,” my voice said to me.

I jerked my head around, froze for a moment, then turned my whole body to face what had tapped me.

I could see the creature’s face now. It resembled a man’s face, though the nose was elongated a bit like a goat, and its eyes had slits for pupils. It opened its mouth, and strands of saliva stuck to its wide lips.

“Now it’s my turn to hide,” it spoke. “You have to find me now.”

“What, what are you?” I managed to stammer out.

The creature took a step back, and it’s disfigured face wrinkled upward where its eyebrows should have been.

“Whoah! Why do you have my voice? This is creepy, I’m getting out of here,” it exclaimed.

I murmured something about it being my voice but couldn’t make any sense.

Pointed, white structures burst out of its back as blood splurted everywhere. Pulsating, pink flesh covered the structures, then sprouted feathers in all sorts of bizarre directions.

I brought my hands to my mouth in attempt to stifle a scream. Instead, my stomach shuddered, and the gallon of sherbert I ate an hour earlier streamed out of my mouth like I was puking a rainbow.

“Ugh, gross,” the creature said, twisting its already grotesque face into something monstrous. It began beating its malformed wings, blowing up the dead leaves and garbage around the street into the air. Despite the wings’ asymmetry, the creature built enough force to fly away into the dark sky.

And as the majestic creature flew away and glinted under the moonlight, I realized that life was beautiful. Life was magnificent. I puked some more.


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