Walking Bus

I was sitting there at the bus stop, when a bus walked up to me. It didn’t drive or roll to me. It just straight up walked up to me from the sidewalk on its hind wheels.

Naturally, I was slightly bewildered.

“Hey man,” the bus spoke in a low, gruff voice, the kind that sounds like it smoked a bunch of cigarettes should be in a movie trailer. “Did you want a ride?”

Now, I normally don’t talk to strangers, walking buses with creepy low voices, or flying pots and pans making a racket in the library.

But I really needed to take the bus to get to my destination. Continue reading Walking Bus


Tragedy of Marley

A fire broke out in the building. Flames roared as smoke and heat crept towards Marley through the collapsing hallway. But she didn’t do anything. She just stared. She could have helped too. But she didn’t.

No, Marley wasn’t some girl trapped in that doomed building. She was a fire extinguisher. She could have helped, but instead she just listened to the cries of trapped people shouting for rescue. She could have helped, but she knew that if she extinguished the fire, she would be empty on the inside. Literally. And because she didn’t help, the fire raged on and grew in size. Continue reading Tragedy of Marley

Death Of a Leaf

Alternate ending to Life Of a Leaf:

A hand plunged into the water and pulled the leaf out. It felt wonderful to be out of the water, in the calm and brightly lit air.

“Ha! Fiend! Looks like a single leaf foiled your machine!” a broad shouldered man shouted, who for some reason wore broken handcuffs. He held the leaf up proudly in his hands.

“What?! Impossible, no leaf can withstand that much pressure!” exclaimed a man who looked like a stereotypical mad scientist. Except with his face punched in.

All in a day’s work, the leaf thought to itself.

“You must be a super leaf! From now on, I’ll let you be my sidekick!” the man without the punched face said.

Pshaw, I’ll let you be my sidekick, the leaf thought. And henceforth the world saw two new heros born into the world: the fantastic duo of Leaf and That-Sidekick-No-One-Remembers.

Life Of a Leaf

A gust of wind rustled the leaves on the tree, and one broke off. It was a young leaf, full of curiosity and wonderment for the world.

As the leaf fluttered down to the ground, it took full notice of the breezy air full of the sweet aroma of flowers, and the laughter of children playing catch with each other.

With a quiet plop, the leaf fell into a small stream on the concrete road, the cool water flowing along the leaf’s ridges. The stream led down into a sewer, and the leaf dropped into darkness.

The sewers reminded the leaf of the night, but there was no moon to ease the dank smell of the sewers. The water felt unnaturally cold, and the currents swept the leaf along. Emboldened by danger and adventure, the leaf floated onwards. Continue reading Life Of a Leaf

Poot Orange Here

So the other day, I was talking to my brother and somehow the topic turned to talking about fruit. Actually that’s pretty common since we both love fruit.

Eventually though, I felt pretty hungry and didn’t want to talk about fruit anymore. “Hey man, stop talking about fruit,” I said.

“I thought you liked fruits!” he exclaimed.

“I dooo…but I’m hungry. All this talk about fruit inspires a kind of feeling I like to call ‘hungry,'” I explained. “If you want to say something about fruit, say something interesting.”

My brother picked up an orange, and motioned for me to come closer. “Hey, see this orange?” he whispered. “It’s actually a portal.” Continue reading Poot Orange Here


A habit I have is pacing about when ideas, events, stories, and scenes are stuck in my head. A friend suggested I write about how I write stories and my habit. I do take requests by the way, and if it’s just a suggestion, I’ll still probably take it after I’m out of ideas.

So anyways, scenes stick ferociously in my mind, and pacing about helps. Back at home, I would pace about every room in tight circles, and perform laps around the house while I thought about my thoughts that I like to thought so much.

But here at the dorms, there’s just a single hallway. Actually it connects to two more corridors but I usually don’t take them.So I just pace back and forth in that single hallway.

Sometimes people leave the hallway window open. I can see why; I leave my window open too since the outside air smells so much nicer than the air inside.

There’s a large, heavyset iron door at the end of the hallway. I described it a lot more cooler than it really is. Just imagine a normal, metal door. Continue reading Hallways


This is a follow-up to the previous post, The Hunt For The Switch ~Obachuka

It was an arduous task, but they finally found the switch after five months of searching. Some lucky worker found a stone lever jutting out of the shore 60 kilometers from where the giant light bulb rested in the jungle. It must have been uncovered by the typhoon that passed only three weeks prior.

The lucky worker was briefly celebrated, but was soon forgotten after he was placed back to excavate with the rest of his peers. They worked ten hours a day, digging and digging. Professor Daniel watched his men work while he nervously twiddled with his cane. Sometimes, he would pick up a shovel and help dig if his back allowed. But most of the time, Daniel just over saw the progress. Continue reading Blackout